Pears Alumni Workshop in Nutritional Sciences: Confronting Global Nutrition Challenges The Division for External Studies

The 2nd Pears Foundation Webinar in Plant Sciences

Dear Colleagues,

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is pleased to announce the third annual Pears Foundation Webinar. Each year, a two-day, interactive webinar will present alternating themes of current scientific topics and lectures, which we hope will be an enriching, professional experience both for students and alumni.

This September the focus is on Nutritional Sciences. Thirteen graduates will present the research exercises they have conducted over the year. The keynote speaker is Prof. Elliot M. Berry of the School of Public Health, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Pears Alumni Guest Lecturer is Mr. Lovemore Nkhata Malunga of Malawi.

We welcome all alumni of the various international programs of the Division for International Studies since 1988 to participate in this special event, particularly where their field of study touches on the topics presented in the webinar.

The staff and students of our faculty, as well as researchers from other institutions, are welcome to join in.

The webinar has been made possible through a donation from the Pears Foundation of the United Kingdom.